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Learning Through Play

Our mission is to prepare children for Kindergarten and beyond by promoting educational achievement, ensuring household economic stability and strengthening cultural identity. We fulfill our mission by operating 2 core programs – the Early Childhood Development Program and the Early Intervention Project. More recently, we successfully held a series of workshops to help parents learn valuable skills to keep competitve in the workplace through our new Economic Self Sufficiency Workshops.

Our 60 students and their families (250 individuals) comprise an at-risk population, with 75% of our clients living below the poverty line; many are recent immigrants as well. While the majority of our clients are Chinese-American, our client population has grown diverse and now includes persons of African-American, Hispanic, Caucasian and mixed-race backgrounds. Delivering a bilingual curriculum to a diverse student body contributes to the cultural diversity of the broader San Francisco community.

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The Early Childhood Development Program is an education program that fosters readiness for Kindergarten. Our goal is to engage children at a critical stage in their development and provide the foundation for success and achievement later in life. The dedication of our teachers is reflected in our high retention rates. Our teachers average 10 years of tenure, with several staff members enjoying over 20 years of tenure – an impressive record given that employee turnover in early childhood education averages 30% a year.


The Early Intervention Project is a human services program that addresses our families’ socio-economic concerns. Our full-time office manager assists our families with housing, job training, health care and immigration casework. We are also active in identifying and assisting children with physical and developmental disabilities.



One of the CCCC mission is to ensure household stability of the families.  The workshops help clients gain economic stability and integrate into society.We help clients to increase their chance of employment or get better jobs by raising their self awareness, enhance their education and skills.

Content was well received and taught through a series of workshops spanning over 7 weeks, cumulating in a certificate. Topics covered include:

• The importance of education
• Life skills
• Navigating a credited and credential course to increase employment probability
• Computer skills
• Resume building
• Resources for employment
• Interview skills
• Financial planning


Attendees learn valuable skills in furthering their career

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