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Letters from our parents and supporters

This review is long overdue. Whenever I saw my two children’s face during the
pickup time, I always wanted to write a review for CCCC, which is a gem!
My younger son initially started CCCC when he was two years old while my
daughter, who was three and a half, was attending another reputable preschool. I
was thinking that CCCC will be a nice bridge before my son can attend my daughter’s
preschool when he turns three (dropping off and picking off two kids at two
different locations was such a pain).
Two weeks later. I transferred my daughter to CCCC and sending both of my kids to
CCCC was the best and most correct decision I’ve made for my children!
There are two things that make CCCC outstand as a GREAT preschool.


1. Great leadership in CCCC. Director Rudy loves and cares for the kids and hold high
standards for teachers. Rudy knows her staff and students well and she works with
parents. There was one time my daughter misbehaved, and Rudy had an hour-long
conversation with me to troubleshoot the cause and to come up with some action
items. I know that she does that to other parents too whose child might need extra
help. She is super generous when it comes to buying educational toys for her
students. I have toured many preschools and asked friends about preschool they
send their kids to, including preschool that charges $30k a year. However, CCCC is
one of a kind with its outstanding number of educational toys. The kids can hardly
get bored with and CCCC offers a variety of material for the hands-on activities. I
have never seen a school that is so generous about educational toys and material for
activities. I have seen Teacher Rudy buying new toys for school quite a few times
when I dropped off my kids. They have butterflies, silkworms, hermit crab, etc. for
the kids to observe in class. They take the kids out for community walk or field trip
very often.

2. Great teachers at CCCC are wonderful. They know my kids well and have great
observation of children’s behavior and learning progress. A few weeks after my son
enrolled, I overheard a conversation between Teacher Katrina and another teacher,
in which Teacher Katrina was correcting the other teacher that my son’s birthday is
in February, not May. They did try to know my kids with efforts. One day when I
walked in CCCC to pick up my kids, I saw Teacher Kelly was playing an educational
game with the older kids (from Shining Star class) who were very engaging during
that activity. Teacher Kelly drew an animal and the kids tried very hard to answer
what letter this animal is started with. It was after 4:30pm which is the pick-up time,

and Teacher Kelly could have just let the kids play on their own. Another pick-up
time as I walked in CCCC, I saw my son was counting with an educational toy,
Teacher Ashley encouraged and teacher him and my son liked it. My point is, what
more can I ask for when my kids are learning and progressing happily? I just
realized that I could go on and on about how great the teachers in CCCC. Teacher
Jackie, Teacher Jenny, Teacher Michelle, and all other teachers are wonderful too.
They are not only supportive in academics, but also in behavior and social emotions.
They tried to work with me and to see how parents and teachers together can help
kids progress such as potty training, sharing, and following instructions.

With great leadership and great teachers, CCCC has completely transformed my
daughter and my son. My daughter was quiet and did not have much interest in learning
before coming to CCCC. Now she has become a chat-box in school, and she enjoys
sharing her family life with teachers. Besides, she developed to a hobby--- drawing. She
likes to observe and to express herself with drawing. My heart melts every time I see
her having a lot of fun to draw. My son has become a sweet boy who follows teachers’
instruction. He is happy and confident, and he likes science and math at school.
As we will be moving out of town and will have to look for a new preschool for my son, I
always feel sad when I realize that my son will be leaving CCCC. He is so comfortable in
CCCC and I know he will thrive more if he stays. Another reason that makes me feel sad
is, during school search, I can’t help but to compare other preschools with CCCC and I
know I am not able to find one that is better for my son. I have become a “picky” mom,
after experiencing the high standards CCCC holds.
Thank you, CCCC, for showing me what world-class education is.

Mei Wang
July 19, 2022

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